Smoke DZA – Flair Country

Stylin n profilin. Jet flyin/ I’m chillin
Stuntin on em as I’m struttin thru the door
Jet air planes, custom made clothes, and any woman in the world I want
You know I’m wildin, wheelin n dealin
I’m the best! Whether you like it or not….you’re lookin at [WOO]
Sippin outta success fountain/bitches ridin space mountain
[Verse 1]
Long Liveth He!
(Outro: Rick Flair)
I’m like “Nah, figure more”
Custom robes…mean
Expensive threads/you ain’t cut from my cloth
I had to do that

Rolex on cuff….clean

Spill more champagne than you bought

You wonder the price, you figure four
[WOO] Because my name’s Rick Flair and because I’m the world heavyweight wrestling champion Just like that. You know why?!

That’s the sound of money You hear that dick sucker?
Full length mink draggin on the floor
The greatest wrestler, the best looking man, the best dressed man
Classic give you a feelin. Taylor made my appearance

Real life shit