Reviews for Rogue One mixed, but mostly positive

“[Director Gareth Edwards]’s stint at the 2014 Godzilla reboot’s helm makes him no stranger to earth-ripping set-pieces, and Rogue One’s have been conceived and executed with serious dazzle and grace,” says The Telegraph’s Robbie Collin. Those praising Rogue One say it draws deep on Star Wars mythology while breaking new narrative and aesthetic ground, and suggesting a bright blockbuster future for the franchise. The most positive mainstream reviews yet were published by Total Film and the New York Daily News, while the most negative come from the Wall Street Journal and the New Yorker. “But in its best moments, there’s a yarn-spinning intimacy to it too – an old war story told around a spectacular campfire.”
“Rogue One doesn’t really go rogue at any stage, and it isn’t a pop culture event like The Force Awakens, in whose slipstream this appears; part of its charm resides in the eerie, almost dreamlike effect of continually producing familiar elements, reshuffled and reconfigured, a reaching back to the past and hinting at a preordained future,” says The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw. Negative comments by reviewers say it panders to fans, isn’t engaging enough, is tonally-confused and getting to its good stuff is a slog. Currently, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has a Metacritic rating of 67 and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 82, while Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens sits on 81 and 92, respectively. The embargo has lifted on reviews of the new Star Wars film and so far they’re mostly positive, but not quite as good as last year’s. Kiwis don’t have long to wait to make up their own minds on how well the new Star Wars delivers – it opens here in at 12:01am on Thursday morning. Then there’s a great deal of measured reviews in between. And yes, there are some haters.