Nintendo ‘world’ coming to Universal Studios

“Together we are building it with an eye for what guests will actually experience. We’re working hard to create attractions that can be equally enjoyable to anybody, regardless of age.”
Details on exactly which characters and games the areas will feature are said to be coming soon, but in a promotional video today there is an emphasis on Mario. “We are constantly amazed how the park developers are bringing the essence of our games to life in the real world,” says Nintendo director Shigeru Miyamoto. Japanese media previously reported that an area inside Universal Studios in Osaka would be a US$350 million section focused entirely on Mario and that it should open by 2020, just prior to the Tokyo Olympics. ‘An entire Nintendo world’ will be opened at the Osaka, Orlando and Hollywood venues featuring attractions, restaurants and shops, says Mark Woodbury of Universal Creative. Japanese videogame giant Nintendo has given fans more of a look at what to expect at its upcoming attractions at Universal Studios theme parks. Nintendo says the goal of the project is to use its iconic characters, action and adventure so fans can step inside the games, with the attractions capturing the “adventure, fun and whimsy” of franchises like Mario, Pokémon and Zelda.

The Edge, The Rock, George hosts moved in MediaWorks radio shuffle

Jono and Ben are moving from The Rock to The Edge as part of multiple key talent moves across MediaWorks’ radio brands announced today. “It’s about taking our talent to where their audience sweet spot is, to grow and challenge them while enhancing our brands.” “We have the best talent in the business and the changes we have announced today only strengthen our line-up,” says Leon Wratt, MediaWorks Radio group content director of music. Thane Kirby will also move from George to The Rock afternoons, Andrew Mulligan will return to the Morning Rumble and The Edge host Clint Roberts will join George FM Breakfast.

James Rolleston presents trophy at Attitude Awards months after horror crash

The Boy and Dead Lands star features in photos tweeted by the official account of the awards, which recognise the achievements of Kiwis living with disabilities. “Amazing to have James Rolleston to present the ACC Supreme Award #AttitudeAwardsNZ,” a photo of him on stage is captioned. Rolleston presented the ACC Supreme Award to Debra Lampshire, an advocate for change in the mental health system. Rolleston was seriously injured after the car he was travelling in hit the Otara Bridge near Opotoki on July 26. Actor James Rolleston has bounced back from the car crash that almost killed him in July to present a trophy at the Attitude Awards on Tuesday night. Another Attitude photo features Rolleston alongside his Dark Horse co-star Cliff Curtis and sportsman Sonny Bill Williams.

Kiwi crowds still get opera star Simon O’Neill’s heart thrumming

He’s used to performing to thousands of Europeans, but it’s the small crowds in New Zealand that get his heart racing. “That was my thing and I thought, ‘I want to be like that!’ And I’ve gone on to work with two of those people which has been amazing.”
Now he’s booked out years in advance, with a performing schedule packed until 2023. “That’s what got me into opera was Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti and José Carreras – they did the world cup soccer,” he says. “I don’t know if I’m even going to be alive in 2022-23, but it’s amazing that that happens.”
But for now O’Neill is enjoying being back home, reflecting on a somewhat unexpected career. “I usually sing in the Mediterranean where it’s like a carpet of people – here you see people, it’s terrifying,” he says. Simon O’Neill is regarded as one of the finest tenors in the world and has been back in New Zealand for a series of shows. “They’re right up close, it gives me great nerves.”
The 44-year-old got his big break in 2004, when he went for an audition for a small part in New York but ended up as understudy to his idol Placido Domingo. An Ashburton-born, globally renowned opera star has swapped the international stage for something a little closer to home. “My dream was to be in the band or to be a teacher but this is the route I took and it really is a great life, I thank my lucky stars.”

Round-the-world sailors stop off in Bay of Islands

Riley had just bought La Vagabonde on a whim. “A single-handed sailor rolled in, he introduced himself. She uploaded the videos to YouTube and it turns out more than just her mum was interested in watching. We were out one night and I was like, yeah whatever you don’t have a boat,” Elayna explains. “As I explain to people, I’d hoisted the main sail, a main sail, exactly twice before… I knew that I would love it and I did.”
Elayna was working in the Greek Islands. “A lot of people write in saying we find what you’re doing inspirational and we’re going to try to imitate some of the things you guys are doing,” Riley says. As they whip around deck it’s hard to believe Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu have only been sailing for four years and even harder to believe they are self-taught. At first I didn’t believe he had a boat. “When the boat was sinking, I Googled, ‘my boat is sinking’ in a harbour in Savtat so we’re very much millennial in terms of our learning strategies,” Riley says. The couple met in Europe. To keep their families up to date, Elayna began filming their adventures. Two young sailors have arrived in New Zealand part way through a round-the-world trip. Nowadays, they have more than 230,000 followers on Youtube but they finance their never-ending voyage by posting the videos to a site called Patreon, which enables benefactors to back independent artists. “We started looking into crossing the Atlantic Ocean, how do we do it, we were reading a lot of books, and yeah we geared up and we crossed the Atlantic,” she says. After a few months island hopping around Greece, the couple set off on their first ocean crossing – their destination, the Caribbean. That makes them around $7000 per episode and their popularity has helped them land the deal of a life time: A heavily discounted million dollar catamaran from France they can pay off with their social media income. They will spend the next couple of months in the Bay of Islands before selling La Vagabonde, interrupting their circumnavigation of the globe to fly to France, pick up their new boat and begin their round-the-world adventure all over again. In true millennial style the Australian couple taught themselves to sail and now they document their adventures on YouTube. They can now also afford to expand and they’ve hired a videographer to join them at sea.

Neil Young cancels New Zealand shows

However, Young is still named on the bill for Australian festival Bluesfest in April, and organisers have declined to comment. At the time of publishing, his New Zealand and Australian concerts are still listed Frontier Touring’s official website. “We regret to advise that Neil Young will unfortunately no longer be undertaking a 2017 AU/NZ headline tour as previously teased on socials,” Frontier Touring’s official Twitter account announced. The folk-music star was set to perform at Auckland’s Vector Arena and Wellington’s TSB Bank Arena in March, 2017, but the promoter announced on Tuesday that these shows aren’t going ahead. Neil Young has cancelled plans to perform in New Zealand next year, according to Frontier Touring.

The Newshub guide to Secret Santa

Whether you’re the office Grinch, or you don your reindeer earrings from October, every workplace is forced to embrace the festive spirit come the holiday season. Here at This comes with it the age-old tradition you either love or loathe: Secret Santa.

NZ music legend Ray Columbus dies

In a career spanning four decades, Columbus won dozens of awards including the Silver Scroll twice and an OBE for services to entertainment. He also became one of the earliest stars of New Zealand television with his own show Club Columbus and work on Happen Inn and C’mon. “You hear the voice come down from up high from the director, saying ‘Someone put some lacquer on that idiot’s hair’…’cause I was shaking it all over!” Columbus once recalled. Thank you TV.”
Columbus had been suffering from poor health ever since a heart attack in 2004. “He was a complete gentleman and never stopped being a gentleman,” says Ellis. Columbus shot to fame in the early ’60s when his band Ray Columbus & the Invaders covered The Senators’ ‘She’s a Mod’. “And TV gave me a chance to exploit that. New Zealand music legend Ray Columbus has died at the age of 74. “I’m a vaudevillian basically, a modern day vaudevillian,” said Columbus. Columbus went on to work in event management and promotion. In 2009 he and his Invaders band members were inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame. He also managed Christchurch band Zed. Columbus & the Invaders followed up that success a year later with ‘Til We Kissed’, and had other hits including ‘People Are People’, ‘Willie & The Hand Jive’, ‘Travelling Singing Man’, ‘Happy In A Sad Kinda Way’, ‘Yoyo’, ‘Now You Shake’ and ‘Hold Me’. But it wasn’t just as a musician that Columbus enjoyed success. Celebrated music mogul Paul Ellis describes Columbus as a “trailblazer”. Columbus toured in concert with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, Roy Orbison, Shirley Bassey, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Ben E King and Robin Gibb. “It’s like Elvis has died.”

Not everyone appreciated the iconic ‘Mod’s Nod’ dance that went with his original hit – least of all the director of the song’s music video. The song became the first New Zealand record to top the Australian charts and made Columbus a household name. In 2002 he toured with the Long Way To The Top – the history of Australian Rock N Roll show, which saw him perform to over 220,000 people in 20 arena concerts throughout Australia. Whether it was performing or presenting, Columbus loved the limelight and New Zealand loved him right back. But the public loved it.

Prince William supports brother’s privacy request

Contradicting reports Prince William was unhappy with his brother’s statement asking for restraint in media coverage of his relationship with Meghan Markle, the royal has now come out in support. “The Duke of Cambridge absolutely understands the situation concerning privacy and supports the need for Prince Harry to support those closest to him,” the Kensington Palace statement reads. “Some of this has been very public – the smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces; and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments,” said Harry. William has now released his own official statement on the matter, joining Prince Harry in breaking with his family’s norm of not commenting on the private and romantic lives of the royals. Harry’s statement claimed Markle was subjected to “a wave of abuse and harassment” by media. Harry had been dating Markle since June, when they met at the Invictus Games in Toronto, an event he created. Gossip websites had claimed William was “dismayed” by his “hot-headed” brother’s original statement.

Shannen Doherty on cancer radiation therapy: ‘I hate it’

#radiation #radiationmondaysucks #stillfightiglikeagirl.”

Doherty, 45, revealed her breast cancer diagnosis in court documents while taking legal action against her business manager Steven Blatt in mid-2015, for allegedly neglecting to pay her medical insurance. In a recent interview, Doherty said cancer “is not pleasant but it can bring out the best”. I’m sure I’ll get used to it but right now… It remakes you so many different times. The person I thought I was supposed to be or was going to be or who I thought I was six months ago is now somebody completely different,” she said. “I think what’s beautiful and hard and interesting about cancer is that it tears you down and builds you, and tears you down and builds you. The Beverly Hills 90210 and Charmed star posted a photo on Instagram and captioned it with an emotional message about her experience. The lawsuit was settled in August 2016. Actress Shannen Doherty has documented her first day of radiation treatment for breast cancer, saying she’s “still fighting like a girl”. “First day of radiation treatment. I look like I’m about to make a run for it which is accurate,” she said. Doherty has posted several photos and messages on her Instagram account tracking her battle against cancer. Something about not being able to see the laser, see the treatment and having this machine moving around you just scares me. “Radiation is frightening to me. I hate it.

Victoria’s Secret Angels take to the skies for first Paris show

The Victoria’s Secret Angels were adorned in matching branded pink T-shirts and skinny jeans, onboard a flight from New York to Paris for the label’s annual fashion show – the first time it’s been held in the French capital. It could be the flight of your dreams or, depending on your perspective, the most nightmarish airline experience imaginable – one of the world’s most famous model troupes packing a plane, whooping and cheering.

High ho-ho-hopes at annual Santa Claus World Championships

Dressed in their Christmas best, the Santas competed in a series of events designed to test their Santa expertise to the fullest extent at the annual Santa Claus World Championships (ClauWau). In the end the Barni-Chause team claimed victory, improving on last year’s second place finish. If you’re claustrophobic, the worst place to be on Saturday would have been Saumnaun, Switzerland, where the world’s greatest Santas gathered for battle. “It’s a great feeling,” says team member Andy. yeah, it’s [in]describable.”
The competition also marked the beginning of the alpine village’s skiing season. “The win and we are all really…. The cheery St Nicholases climbed ‘chimneys’ in a relay, raced snowmobiles, and even participated in a reindeer rodeo.

Kanye West not allowed to leave hospital – report

Meanwhile, Kim has been at his side nursing him back to health almost constantly since his hospitalisation. The troubled ‘Monster’ rapper was hospitalised after suffering a “psychiatric emergency” last week, shortly after carrying out a bizarre tirade at a concert and cancelling the rest of his tour. She’s been sleeping in the hospital and helping to feed Kanye, reports Us Weekly. She has been by his side through all of this, helping to feed him and lying by his side.”
Kim and Kanye have two children – three-year-old North and 11-month-old Saint. “Kim has been amazing,” the gossip magazine quotes their source as saying. Kanye has reportedly been suffering “extreme paranoia” since his breakdown, even refusing to let doctors touch him in one situation. “She knew he couldn’t keep going the way he was. The husband of Kim Kardashian was meant to be released from UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles on Monday (local time), with his personal doctor set to take charge – but his stay has been extended, now with no set release date planned, as he is “not stable”. Kanye West has not been released from hospital yet, reportedly being held there longer than planned.

Hans Zimmer announces Auckland concert

He’s won multiple awards, including an Oscar, a Tony, Grammys, Golden Globes and BAFTAs. Celebrated film score composer Hans Zimmer is heading to New Zealand to perform live for his Kiwi fans at Auckland’s Vector Arena on April 29, 2017. Zimmer has scored more than 150 films, along with TV shows including The Pacific and Planet Earth II, and videogames Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Crysis 2. The first half of the concert will feature some of Zimmer’s classic movie scores, including Gladiator, The Lion King and Pirates Of The Caribbean, while in the second he performs re-imagined versions of scores from films such as The Dark Knight and Inception, with special guest musicians.

Frosty reaction to Japanese frozen fish rink

“Why is it fun to skate over the frozen?” asked another who just couldn’t let it go. “We were shocked to hear the reaction as the ice skate rink was very popular since it opened two weeks ago, we had an unprecedented number of visitors,” Space World manager Toshimi Takeda told CNN. A space-themed park in Japan has apologised after freezing thousands of fish, and crabs into an ice skating rink as part of a winter attraction. But it recently opened its ‘Freezing Port’ attraction, which attracted a frosty response on social media – particularly when the park posted a photo of a frozen fish on Facebook, captioned: “I’m d..d..drowning…It h…h..hurts…”
“You have no soul to plan such an event,” an ex-fan responded. Space World, in Fukuoka, normally features rides and displays about, well, space. Space World at first said it wouldn’t close the attraction, because visitors – especially children – were having a “particularly good time”.