NZ-made video games for the blind getting global attention

Mr Beksa knows they are onto a good thing. 
“You might say that we found a niche and it’s not explored completely.” In a tiny room, in the basement of the Auckland University of Technology, a group of students is creating video games for a very specific audience – and they are rating up a storm worldwide. Team leader Jarek Beksa says he first had the idea from a friend. The Audio Game Hub team are making games for the visually impaired. “One of our friends, he’s blind, he says nobody makes games for us. Instead of fancy graphics, they have to rely on different sounds to paint a picture in players’ minds. The games rate 4.8 out of 5 on Google Play, and can be found on in the app store on your phones or downloaded off the website. “We started thinking about it and thought, yeah, there are not many games for the blind so we started thinking maybe we should develop one.”
The guys at Audio Game Hub have come up with a game that four people can play at once – something they say is unique.