Nintendo ‘world’ coming to Universal Studios

“Together we are building it with an eye for what guests will actually experience. We’re working hard to create attractions that can be equally enjoyable to anybody, regardless of age.”
Details on exactly which characters and games the areas will feature are said to be coming soon, but in a promotional video today there is an emphasis on Mario. “We are constantly amazed how the park developers are bringing the essence of our games to life in the real world,” says Nintendo director Shigeru Miyamoto. Japanese media previously reported that an area inside Universal Studios in Osaka would be a US$350 million section focused entirely on Mario and that it should open by 2020, just prior to the Tokyo Olympics. ‘An entire Nintendo world’ will be opened at the Osaka, Orlando and Hollywood venues featuring attractions, restaurants and shops, says Mark Woodbury of Universal Creative. Japanese videogame giant Nintendo has given fans more of a look at what to expect at its upcoming attractions at Universal Studios theme parks. Nintendo says the goal of the project is to use its iconic characters, action and adventure so fans can step inside the games, with the attractions capturing the “adventure, fun and whimsy” of franchises like Mario, Pokémon and Zelda.