Madchild – Badchild

I don’t expect anyone to understand me
Maybe I should lower the bar, it’s raised too high
Starts a line once, haven’t had a break since

But life moves so fast, I need a time out
Wasn’t working so I went and got my teeth fixed
Now I’m older, I got suicidal tendencies
Standing on a ledge about to jump but I’ll rejuvenate
Used to walk around, thank god i’m the shit
Responsibility, literally killing me
Now life is torture, would madly end it willingly
Never felt like I had to ask it for dough
Known for saying harsh remarks that are partially dark
Might be punished for my sins, that would make sense
Trying to boss up like Tony Soprano
Holding on, but I hope it’s soon
Samples chopped like it’s martial arts
When I was young, love, suicidal tendencies
Fans acting like it’s killing them, these cheap tricks
Can’t complain, kids like my art
Used to sit and gather my words, called it artillery
Panic in my legs, feel heavy while I hallucinate
Life used to sparkle. Nothing’s fucking thrilling me
Lost a couple teeth, went back to the grill again
Last three months catatonic, feeling miserable
Bubbling but still missing something like I’m diet cola
Not Casper the Ghost tight grasping for quotes
Feel stranded on an island like I’m Gilligan
Maybe I should work harder, but I do try
‘Cause pills the only way I know to patch these open wounds
I’m still a boss like I’m Joseph Bonanno
High roller that’s bipolar
[Verse 2]
[Verse 1]
Reason I’m still here are for my dogs and my family
But feel like, I’m still waiting for my life to start
Trying to build my strength like beam so I can climb out
Now feel like a piece of shit in a bottomless pit
Walk around my city and I feel like I’m invisible