Kur – Come Back

Lost my Pop Pop I had my Granny
It’s all about the comeback
Cops behind us tryna pull us random
I’m from Sharpnack it’s like the wild
Where I’m from yall niggas ain’t allowed
I was bullshitting this the comeback
It’s all about the comeback
Comeback, comeback
Prayed to God looking for some answers
Bitch hot as hell took her home
Give ’em all this heat and they can’t stand it
For my hood every fucking time
High as fuck I feel like i’m gonna die
Out the house running in and out
[Verse 2]
It’s all about the
Highs come with lows
We in your spot boutta clean you out
It’s all about the comeback
Girls leave they babies wit they mom
I deserve it I ain’t in denial
Think that situation broke the family

Get they shots going two for five
Every Maaly beat I got I ran it
Try your luck and guaranteed you’ll die
My eyes getting low
Even back then he knew I had it
Garlic noodles, seafood all inside
Lil built the stud up from the grown
Man I miss Reem I got ’em tatted
I was bullshitting this the comeback
Shit you should be doing don’t announce
Wanna fuck I’m looking for some top
Member bitches wasn’t on my time
Be there in a minute, i’m in route
Bitches call you cheap but they be scramblin’
Wanna hit me now wanna slide
Meet ’em at the telly burnt a pound
Took a bunch of L’s on the road
It’s all about the comeback
One night in this telly then I’m out
Put me in the stud and made it happen
It’s all about the
It’s all about the
We ain’t stopping ’til we tucked the hammer
Grinding cause my sister need a house
It’s all about the comeback
It’s all about the
Fuck that broke shit I got it cracking
Couple years later bitch was snapping
Put in years so it evened out
Always got a blunt staying high
Niggas all crafty they’ll tag you
It’s all about the
Riding in a Centrury with an ounce
My name stay in bum niggas mouth
It’s all about the
To the next city i’m in route
It’s all about the comeback
You can’t take this rock cause I got handles
Niggas smoke a port, a black and mild
It’s all about the comeback
Keep my Jordan Ones untied
Even back then he heard my sound
Bitch ain’t that deep you can have her

Nigga got shot cause he was ramming
Thanking God for chances after chances
Free my nigga Don wearing browns
It all comes with growth
For the times glad I made it out
Nigga I ain’t fucking wit these clowns
Room full of bags these niggas bagging
Sorry that the tape was taking long
I was shopping looking for some {?}
Once I take my shot i’m gonna be slanded
Meant we built this shit up from the grown
Granny had a stroke that left me damaged
She was bullshitting shouldn’t done that
Nigga, i’m a trapper from the 9
Every day my grandma free of cancer
Turn up at my shows I got clout
Stayed alive gotta take advantage
Gotta stack these pennies cause they count
Now niggas snapping on the com
Comeback, comeback
Riding past the jury and i’m reclined
[Verse 1]
For my mom, glad I made her smile

It’s all about the
Said i’m hot when niggas said i’m [???]
Hear they songs feel like it’s a lie
Gotta handle business I don’t slouch
It’s all about the
It’s all about the comeback
Shit I made it happen for my mom
Gucci low tops ankles out
It’s all about the
By the book, I can’t be wasting time
It’s all about the
Smoking good woke up in a cloud
Had bitches naked in my arms
On the move rush and leaving out
Shit i’m out at lunch ain’t no fries
3 for 25 on em bananas

It’s all about the
Look at all these bitches tryna come back
Whole danm clip hanging out
It’s all about the
Everything for sale call my phones
Shoulda been working on my songs
Different niggas pullin’ up outside
Imma be remembered in the town
Writing in his room I made a classic