Kodak Black – Right Now

You keep grindin’, you can get a McLaren
Stop lyin’ on a bih
Don’t slow me down, roadrunnin’ full speed
But fuck it, I’m just gon’ keep slidin’, ’cause the beat ridin’
I used to swim in the money, now I’m deep divin’
(Kodak what you lookin’ at? You zoned out)

Stop ridin’ on my dick, why you worried ’bout me?
Pop one, pop two, pop three
Aye pass the joint, you know sharin’ is carin’
Ten toes down, I can put you on yo’ feet
On my Kyocera, my lick just called me for them D’s
Stop lyin’ on ya dick
See me when ya see me, it’s Lil’ K to the B
I’m so high, I’m ’bout to beat my bitch
I told her "Shut up and eat my dick"
I’m on E, pockets full, I’m on E
I’m so high, I’m just sittin’ here starin’
[Verse 1]

Fuck the law, I ain’t worried ’bout a plea
I need to vibe ’cause I’m [?] right now
Fuck the alphabet, boy I just copped a QP
So high, I never felt like this
She say "Boy I never felt like this"
All these books, you’d think I’m a librarian
‘Bout that money, I’ll shoot out to Maryland
Ski with the Ree’s, I could pull a couple G
I bumped into a powerhouse, [?]
So I’m firin’ up the crypt right now
Cause I’m higher than a bih right now
If you hit her, then you hit
I’ll turn this whole shit upside down
I swear I’m higher than a bih, it got me freestylin’
Everybody know ya snitched
I’m so high, it got my teeth grindin’