Jay-Z – Dream. On

Paper planes turned into the real thing
Threw diamonds in the sky that never came down, now that’s a star
My vision was big enough to get me out of the space
You are whatever you say you are
Turn any situation around
Enough to dream your self-esteem into clouds
I wanted to pass how far I see
For things that are seen are temperal
I wondered, could a kid from Mars see a kid from Marcy?
I’m from where dreamin’ ain’t allowed
American dream team
Roc Nation, indivisible
Heaven knows, all I had was hella hope
The most beautiful things are invisible
‘Specially when you’re dreamin’ aloud
It takes tears, sweat, blood, 5 CCs
‘Cause I know what a kid in apartment 5C see’d
For me, somethin’ that could see me free was a bar
You? Who. Are.
Speed datin’ with destiny, I couldn’t tell her nope
When I first saw stars, television was my telescope