David Leitch officially confirmed to helm Deadpool 2

Miller quit production suddenly after supposed creative differences with lead actor Ryan Reynolds. Deadline reports that David Leitch, best known for directing sleeper hit John Wick, has signed on to helm the upcoming film. Production company 20th Century Fox is said to have backed Reynolds over Miller for fear of losing the highly bankable actor. An unsuccessful petition to have acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino helm the film garnered over 17,000 signatures online. Superhero sequel Deadpool 2 officially has its new director, after original director Tim Miller exited the production last month. While Leitch has long been rumoured for the role, the director is an unusual choice with only two previous feature film directing credits under his belt. He is said to have come out on top of a list of contending directors including Drew Goddard and Magnus Martens. Deadpool 2 is set for release in 2018.