Bill English ends year with Taylor Swift attack on opposition

I’ve seen a rug recently which suggests it’s been a particularly big year for me”. Mr English quoted Swift’s hit ‘Blank Space’ to take a dig at the opposition, saying the line “oh my God you look like my next mistake” was about Labour’s partnership with the Greens. He also added that National would maintain its strength after the resignation of John Key, saying “the All Blacks thrived after Richie McCaw, and isn’t there a lesson there!”
Mr Little said it’s been “a big year for New Zealand, and a big year for me in fact. In the final session of Parliament for 2016, Prime Minister Bill English quoted Taylor Swift and Labour Leader Andrew Little slipped in some questionable innuendo. And another quote from Ms Swift was for Greens Co-Leader James Shaw: “I’m a nightmare dressed up as a day dream”.