Actor strips off for new play

“Relax into it, and it’s really enjoyable, I’d recommend it to everyone.” That’s the scenario,” he says. For the next two weeks, Snedden is stripping down for his latest Auckland comedy – Perplex. “So, it’s the second time that I’ve done it, so I’ve been naked on stage before, and the thing about it is, it’s a very liberating experience.”
As part of the show he has to be completely naked for 20 minutes. “You’re in a position where you’re really doing something the audience doesn’t expect, and that’s very disarming for them, and that can make you feel very powerful as a performer.”
With this being Snedden’s second nude role, he’s got plenty of advice for anyone curious or crazy enough to give it a try. “I just sort of wander out into the lounge, naked, while we’ve got people around. So why do it at all? “The show is a kind of collage of crazy ideas all thrown at the audience at once,” he says. “It’s about everything and nothing, but either way you’ll have a fabulous time.” 
And as to be expected, there has been a mixture of reactions from those watching on. They laugh, which I think is really great, some people hide their eyes,” Snedden says. It’s one of those stock standard nightmares – you’re naked in front of a whole room of people. “How do people react? But that’s Kiwi actor Sam Snedden’s reality for the next two weeks, as he bares all for a new show on at the Herald Theatre in Auckland.