Browse Month: November 2016

Bob Dylan won’t accept Nobel Prize in person

“We look forward to Bob Dylan’s Nobel lecture, which he must give – it is the only requirement – within six months counting from December 10, 2016,” the Academy added. According to the Academy, Dylan feels “very honoured” to have received the award, and is disappointed he cannot accept in person. In a statement, the Academy said the prize still belongs to Dylan, who is not the first recipient to not attend the ceremony. Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has confirmed he will not be travelling to Sweden next month to accept his Nobel Prize. The Swedish Academy, which awards the Nobel Prize each year, says it has received “a personal letter” from Dylan, who stated he would not be able to attend the December ceremony in Stockholm “due to pre-existing commitments”. Dylan, 75, was controversially awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature earlier this year.

Kendall Jenner explains why she deleted Instagram

I suggest it,” she told DeGeneres. “I would wake up in the morning and I would look at it first thing. I would go to bed and it was the last thing that I would look at. You start to engage in real life and how you have to deal with real people right in front of you, so it’s kind of really nice to be away from it even if it’s just Instagram.”
Just last week, Jenner’s half-brother Rob and his partner Blac Chyna “I’m away from my phone so much more. Kendall Jenner of the Kardashian clan has explained why she has deleted her Instagram account – a decision which shocked her fans. Jenner initially expressed surprise that her social media activity was being reported on by major news organisations like CNN, before explaining herself. I’ll be back.”
The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star says shutting her Instagram down and removing the Twitter app from her mobile has had a positive impact on her life. I felt a little too dependent on it, so I kinda wanted to take a minute. It’s a detox. “It’s really nice. The 21-year-old model and reality TV star appeared on talk show Ellen to reveal her reasons, as well as chat about her new niece Dream and other bits of gossip. “I just wanted to detox, I just wanted a little bit of a break,” she told host Ellen DeGeneres.

Princess Leia and Han Solo had a real-life romance

Fisher and Ford reprised their roles last year for the new blockbuster movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He was kind.”
Reuters The book is based on Fisher’s diaries from the time and is billed as telling behind-the-scene stories of the first Star Wars movie. “A hero’s face – a few strands of hair fell over his noble, slightly furrowed brow. I was so inexperienced, but I trusted something about him. “It was so intense,” Fisher, now 60, told People. “It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend.”
Ford, who at the time was married to his first wife, Mary Marquadt, did not respond to requests for comment. Fisher said the Indiana Jones actor, who is known for guarding his personal life, had received an advance draft of her book. A long time ago, and in a galaxy far, far away, actress Carrie Fisher had an affair with her Star Wars co-star Harrison Ford, she said. Back in 1976, Fisher said the pair spent their first night together following a birthday party for Star Wars creator and director George Lucas. “How could you ask such a shining specimen of a man to be satisfied with the likes of me? Fisher spilled her 40-year secret to People magazine this week while promoting her memoir, The Princess Diarist, which goes on sale next week. “I looked over at Harrison,” she wrote in the memoir, according to excerpts published by People. She was 19, and Ford was 33. Fisher said the three-month affair started, and ended, during the filming in 1976 of Star Wars: A New Hope, in which she played Princess Leia to Ford’s romantic, maverick hero Han Solo.

Metallica drops war-torn ‘Confusion’ video ahead of Hardwired album release

The videos are also being published on In a bold marketing move for the band, Metallica are releasing a total of nine videos today, each on a different editorial partner, including the likes of Pitchfork, NME and Metal Hammer. ‘Confusion’ is the fourth video from the new album, which debuted on the Rolling Stone website. “Coming home from war, pieces don’t fit anymore,” sings James Hetfield over classic Metallica riffs and pummelling drums. In the video, a soldier battles post-traumatic stress disorder and struggles with her office job after experiencing combat overseas. Thrash metal pioneers Metallica have released a video for ‘Confusion’, taken from their new album Hardwired… to Self-Destruct. to Self-Destruct is released tomorrow on what the ‘Disposable Heroes’ rockers are calling ‘Blackened Friday’. “All sanity is but a memory – my life: the war that never ends.”

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gets his own All Blacks jersey

“I reckon you’d make a great loose forward, you should have a crack bro. He hit the red carpet for the world premiere in Hollywood this week, ahead of its New Zealand release on Boxing Day. “Hey mate, congrats from Hawaii on finally getting your hands on an All Black jersey. “I just wanna thank all my brothers – thanks, I really appreciate this, thank you very much, this is an honour.”

In addition to wrestling, Johnson has played American football. He spent some of his childhood in Auckland – no prizes for guessing what sport he played. Video produced by Calkin Rameka
What happens when you take the Sexiest Man Alive, who also happens to be the highest-paid actor in Hollywood and put him together with the greatest rugby team in the world? Everyone is protective and proud of their sport, they all feel like it’s the toughest sport that they’re in, right? Thank you guys for this, I appreciate it.”
Injured All Black Nehe Milner-Skudder is a big fan of The Rock and was rapt to hear his hero shared love for the black jersey. Although I couldn’t actually get him on the team, I was able to get Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s name printed on an official All Blacks jersey – 2XXL of course. Be still my beating heart. “I’m always like, ‘listen, you don’t understand. Johnson is in the midst of a global tour promoting Moana, in which he plays demigod Maui. Chur Nehe.”

The thought of The Rock leading an All Blacks haka? “So I played rugby when I was in New Zealand, when I was a kid – seven or eight-years-old. Yes, American Football is extremely tough, but just imagine – take off all your pads, take your helmet off, then go play the game non-stop and see how you fare’. I look forward to some training tips from you to help me get back on the paddock sometime soon. “The toughest athletes in the world are rugby players. “Wow, wow!” the WWE superstar exclaimed. And they are all tough sports,” he says. I know what it was like when I first got mine, but hey I wasn’t the Sexiest Man Alive though,” Milner-Skudder said. I just interviewed Johnson in LA for his wonderful new Disney film Moana, and as our short time slot drew to a close, I dished out the jersey as thanks. It’s raining here in Honolulu, perfect weather to get me into a theatre to watch Moana.

Paul Henry releasing his own Invivo Pinot Noir

Invivo Wines were looking for a personality to make a Pinot Noir to match Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc, and they looked no further than the MediaWorks personality to produce a limited edition run of Paul Henry’s Own Pinot Noir. “The advantage was my superior palate as I was able to distinguish the key selling points and king hits from each vineyard. “Like Paul, we’re sure his wine will raise eyebrows, divide opinions and get people talking well into the evening. Celebrated broadcaster Paul Henry is renowned as a wine lover and now, he’s also a winemaker. Instead of getting up people’s nose, he is slipping down their throat!”
Paul Henry’s Own Pinot Noir will be on sale at Glengarry and Winefriend from Friday 18 November. 
Henry will also be hosting a tasting down at Glengarry Victoria Park from 4pm this Friday, 18 November. My blend features a unique mix of Pinot Noir grapes from four of Invivo’s top Central Otago growers in Bannockburn and Gibbston Valley.  It’s absolutely delicious.”
Henry blending and attending the bottling of his wine was filmed by Invivo to give the public a glimpse at the process. “When Paul put up his hand, we put a glass in it.  Paul sees himself as bit of a wine buff, so we taught him about the blending process, then sat him down at the blending bench and said ‘go for it’,” says Invivo co-founder Tim Lightbourne. “I have been in training for this for years, most recently fine-tuning my expertise by specialising on reds, particularly Pinot Noir,” says Henry.

VNZMAs: Have Jono and Ben set a mannequin challenge world record?

Much-loved media personalities Jono and Ben have tried to “break the world record” with their own version of the mannequin challenge at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards (VNZMAs). The internet craze has gone viral, and consists of each person getting into a funny position, usually pretending to be frozen mid-action, and staying motionless as someone films them.

Aaradhna claims racism, refuses VNZMA award

“We need a soul R&B category,” she said. After being announced the winner she spoke about her hertiage and about the meaning of the album’s single, Brown Girl. I’m a singer, I’m not a rapper, I’m not a hip hop artist, it feels like I’ve been placed in the category of brown people. “So this song is Brown Girl and it speaks on many things, it speaks on racism and being placed in a box and for me, I feel like if I was to accept this, I would feel like I’m not being truthful in my song.”
She went on to say how she thought the award categories stereotyped musicians of colour. So she passed the award onto hip hop newcomers Swidt. “I feel like if you are putting a soul singer, next to a hip hop artist, it’s not fair. Aaradhna Jayantilal Patel won Best Urban/Hip Hop album for Brown Girl which she released in July this year. New Zealand R&B singer Aaradhna has refused her New Zealand Music Award saying she had been “placed in the category of brown people”. “I want to give this to a hip hop artist because I feel like this is the kind of award  that’s for a hip hop artist and I want to give it to Swidt because I believe you guys are the future of hip hop if you guys keep going.”
Aaradhna went on to perform her hit single Brown Girl at the awards and received a standing ovation.

Broods dominate 2016 NZ Music Awards with 5 wins

Aaradhna earned Tuis for Best Female Solo Artist and Best Urban/Hip Hop Album for Brown Girl, which topped the Official New Zealand Top 40 chart earlier this year. The Nelson born, LA-based act have topped the award categories for Album of the Year for their sophomore effort Conscious and Single of the Year for their track ‘Free’, as well as winning Best Group, Best Pop Album and the People’s Choice Award. Broods have won five Tuis at the 2016 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards (VNZMAs), rounding out another incredible year for the brother-and-sister duo who took home four awards last year.